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I'm going to be shopping for a wedding dress for the first time. What should I bring with me?

All you need to bring is your most supportive family or friends and an open mind.  If you like your look when you're dressed down, you will love your dress even more when you're dressed up!  Other optional items some people bring are: shoes, shapewear, light makeup, or items you plan on wearing on your wedding day. 

You and your guests may also want to bring a change of footwear.  Most bridal boutiques require everyone to remove their outdoor shoes.  If you are uncomfortable walking around the store in sock or bare feet, you may want something else.  Hard soles are frowned upon but soft sole slippers or crocks are fine.

How long before my wedding should I order my dress?
On average, a bridal gown takes 6-8 months to arrive in the store. With an additional 8 weeks for alterations. 
Bridesmaids dresses typically take 3-5 months to arrive, with an additional 4-6 weeks for alterations.

Graduation dresses typically take 4-6 months to arrive, with an additional 6 weeks for alterations.

Are appointments required for shopping?
Yes.  We staff the store based on appointments to ensure each customer receives the best service and their own fitting room.  We do take walk-ins if we have an available consultant to assist you and open fitting room.   We are always happy to see you and do our very best to assist you.


Do I need an appointment for alterations?
Yes. Our seamstress requires appointments for fittings. Please call 204-942-3602 or visit our online booking page to book your first fitting.  The seamstress will work with your schedule to determine follow-up appointments.


What is your return policy?
All sales are final.  Deposits are non-refundable.

I've chosen a gown and need to get it ordered, what do I have to do next? 
To have your gown ordered, we require a 50% deposit and your measurements. Just come on in and see us, we will happily measure you and get your order placed.



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