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Things to know before shopping

1.  Do I have to make an appointment to shop?

No, you don't have to.  However, booking an appointment guarantees you a fitting room and someone to assist you while you shop.  You are taking the time to come see us, we want to make the most of your time; and ours.  Walk-ins will be accommodated if space permits.  We staff based on appointments, so for the best shopping experience, PLEASE book an appointment!

2.  When should I shop for my dress?

Newer styles generally start coming into the store in October and the deadline for special orders is mid-end of January (most designers).  Special ordered grad dresses can take several months (depending what month you purchase) to come into the store.  If you are purchasing off the rack and want to take it home today, then you are welcome anytime!

3.  What is the typical appointment?

Grad dress shopping isn't like shopping for an everyday outfit.  Your consultant will be working with you for your entire appointment.  We are non-commissioned so you shouldn't feel pressured.  We truly want to help you find your dress and will make suggestions based on what you like or don't like.  We pride ourselves on being honest and if we don't have what you are looking for, we will let you know.  

4.  I have found my dress.  What next?  The dress becomes 'yours' when you put at least 50% down on the dress.  If it's a special order, we will measure your bust, waist, and hips, to make sure we order the correct size.  Each designer has a different size chart.  We will order the size closest to your measurements to minimize alterations because we can always take in but cannot make the dress bigger.  The balance is due when the dress comes in for special orders, or within 60 days of purchase for stock dresses.

5.  Will anyone else from my school have the same dress?

The general rule is each style can only be sold once to each school.  Once you purchase your dress, it's yours!!  No one else from your school will be allowed to try it on, let alone purchase it from our store!  Not even in a different colour.  However, we do not control other stores.  This is why it's important to put a picture of your dress on the school Instagram or Facebook page; so no one else purchases it from anywhere!

6.  How much are alterations?  Do you provide alterations?

Alterations are always extra and vary depending on what needs to be done.  The most common alterations are a hem and strap adjustment.  Most designers design dresses for 5' 10", so if you are vertically challenged, alterations are a must; tripping on your dress at grad is not a memory you want!  Our seamstress is conveniently located on site and she has been altering these types of gowns for 40+ years.  Her prices are competitive and her work is guaranteed.  

7.  I saw 'this' dress somewhere, can you order it?

Yes, if the gown is current and from a designer we carry.  We get this request often.  Designers produce many styles in a year, unfortunately we cannot bring in everything.  By ordering through us, your purchase is protected, guaranteed authentic, and won't have any extra fees by ordering through our store.  You also get to use the layaway plan; pay 50% at the time of order and pay the balance when the dress comes in.

8.  Do you accept returns?

We do not offer returns or exchanges, all sales are final.

9.  Anything else I should know?

The dresses you try on are called samples and may not be in your size.  We try to bring in a variety to fit every size, style, color, but sometimes we have to use clamps and our imagination to figure out how they will look when ordered or altered to your size.  Sometimes you can even purchase the sample.  These samples eventually become someone's dream dress.  We ask you to please be respectful of these expensive beautiful gowns and do not throw them on the floor when changing and treat them as if they might be your dress or your friends.

10.  What type of dress should I get?

Our favorite designer Jovani has an excellent information on all the different styles or types of gowns.  Please visit

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